The Last Chapter of This Story

I have come to the conclusion that going back and reading old posts about my ex-husband are doing absolutely no good in my life. In fact, it's been a factor in dragging out some emotions I had thought I had pushed down and out completely. Note to self, don't read previous posts while in quarantine, … Continue reading The Last Chapter of This Story

“Currently Under Construction”

Well, we've made it 19 days into 2020 and let me tell y'all, I feel better than I did this time last year!! Literally better - according to my Facebook Memories (bless those), I was sick, most likely with strep or an upper respiratory infection. It seemed like I stayed sick for the entirety of … Continue reading “Currently Under Construction”

Life Lessons – The Key to Survival

Following Monday's life lesson about anxiety sometimes being an asshole, let's move along to lesson #8: Mental health days are vital to surviving adulthood.  Whether you're a full-time student or worker, a parent, or caregiver, it feels like you're constantly on the go. You have meetings, appointments, a millions things weighing on your mind and … Continue reading Life Lessons – The Key to Survival